Supervising undergraduate dissertations

Using a phenomenographic approach, nine different methods of experiencing higher degree supervision as teaching were ascertained.

The main aim of this book is to addresss the issues that occur in research supervision in a range of countries, discussing real life stories about supervision and doctoral experiences to better grasp of the benefits of intercultural collaboration.

Alongside this, it is primarily a support for academic staff who have a supervision role at undergraduate level, especially those who are new to this in their career. Instead, supervisory practices may vary according to the interaction of student and staff expectations, student needs and discipline.

It emphasises how important it is to pay attention to the emotional dimensions of writing, both positive and negative. Nancy Hensel and Lindsay Currie examine the relationship between undergraduate research and the training necessary for effective writing, with a special focus on the importance of the faculty mentor.

Supervisor and student perspectives were generally the same across disciplines. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of supervisory teams are also highlighted, such as being inclusive but increasing the potential conflicts that may occur within the group.

Studies in Higher Education,34, Supervision as a metaphor. Pharmaceutical wholesalers in india christopher hitchens website, argumentative essay about immigration pdf. Higher degree research training excellence: The advice consists of highlighting solutions that others have found helpful, and which may also work for you.

Students generally believed their role in the practices and strategies implemented by supervisors was minimal, but student involvement is necessary to create change if practices implemented by supervisors are not effective.

This chapter also focuses on the need for students to be clear about the purpose of writing and addressing different audiences. This discussion is further enhanced through the provision of expert tips and the use of audio clips from students illustrating how ethical issues can be managed within projects.

It is presented from the perspective of changes to the nature of being an early career researcher. We believe this eBook is necessary as there are many texts available today to help Masters and Doctoral students write their thesis, and further work oriented at supervisors at these levels, to provide guidance, support and pedagogies for the postgraduate research supervision process, but the undergraduate student and supervisor seem to have been neglected along the way.

Take the initiative in approaching your supervisor and do not wait to be asked. There is also a need today for a mapping of the current landscape of undergraduate supervision. Acting as a supervisor is a difficult job because the student will often be studying something dear to your heart so the tendency is to try to guide them too firmly.

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Supervising And Writing A Good Undergraduate Dissertation

You are there to facilitate their independent learning. It is important that the student is allowed to design their project, undertake the research and write it up without too much interference from you.

Within this, she highlights the paradoxes that exist within the process of academic writing and reviews the common advice that students can be presented with to support them in their writing pursuits, and examines how this advice might not always have the intended desired positive effect.

Acting as a supervisor is a difficult job because the student will often be studying something dear to your heart so the tendency is to try to guide them too firmly. The remaining three chapters consider the important role of supporting the student through digital literacy with the use of relevant learning technologies: Using a semi-structured interview process, data was collected from eight supervisors who had awards and certificates of merit for supervision, 32 students, and seven personnel for a range of university support services.

Four major warning signs were identified: Teaching in Higher Education, 10. Buy The Good Supervisor: Supervising Postgraduate and Undergraduate Research for Doctoral Theses and Dissertations (Palgrave Study Guides) by Gina Wisker (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on Reviews: 1. The supervisor perspective is presented in Chapter 1 by Gina Wisker: this is especially useful for the first time supervisor, as it looks into roles and responsibilities, supervisory expectations and interactions, as well as offering research and experience based ideas for good practice in supervising undergraduate dissertations and projects.

This article explores an aspect of a lecturer’s job that is rarely discussed: supervising dissertations. As a PhD student you will have probably gained experience in lecturing, leading small group work, marking and even designing your own sessions.

This article addresses the need for undergraduate dissertations, the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, and offers a case study of a supervision arrangement that includes a combination of online supervision, peer supervision and face-to-face meetings.

This article reports on a research project that investigated the experiences and perceptions of staff supervising final year social science undergraduates enrolled on a dissertation module in a post UK university.

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The examples and exercises provided in many chapters will be helpful in addressing problems that can arise in both the writing and supervising of an undergraduate dissertation or project. In the Introduction chapter to the eBook, our research on this topic with academic staff from Irish higher education is discussed.

Supervising undergraduate dissertations
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